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Angela Doyle

 Angela was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil but has called Florida her home since she was 6 years old. From a young age, she has loved to travel and explore different cultures. She finds much of her inspiration by breaking routine, getting out of her box and taking in the world from different perspectives. Painting has allowed her to connect with her innermost feelings, thoughts, and emotions. She uses expressionistic movement and color to manifest what is sometimes dwelling in the subconscious. She explains that when working on a painting, there is an on-going relationship between herself and the painting. This relationship or “dance” can take many shapes before finally arriving to its' final form. Indication of a sometimes-intricate relationship with her paintings are the many layers present in a particular piece. Angela primarily utilizes a mix of mediums such as, acrylic, colored pencils, pastels, and resin.

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