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Goinright in Resin

by  Chad Doyle

The love for foam, fiberglass, and resin began at a young age with the passion of surfing and repairing surfboards. Through the years that passion for surfing and knowledge if materials led to building surfboards. From those years carving foam and slinging resin came an appreciation for the craft, and an understanding, and love for the materials was solidified.

A surfboard lives to give. A 'dead' or 'trash' surfboard earns that title. A surfboard provides so much positive energy over its lifetime. It's sad to see the life of something that loved and gave so much end in the trash. I believe that board still passes all that positive energy, Feelings those vibrations led to the interest in working with something familiar. With the hope to rekindle and pass some of that energy into a second life where it can keep on giving and being appreciated.

From that background and set of ideals comes this body of work. Naturally the subject matter is inspired and hopes to acknowledge the love and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants. Which is what has fulfilled, blessed, and sculpted my life into who I am today.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope you feel a piece of these good vibrations I hoped to harness and pass.

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