G Zarek

"My life is rooted in the number seven. Born on 3/21/51 started my connection to that number, plus I Daddy’s seventh child. The year I turned seven, that did become my lucky number. My folks sold the Midwestern farm and moved our family to sunny Florida. That first year I was exposed to what grew into the two passions of my life: palm trees, sea oats, sand and bare feet at the ocean. From the bridge on 92, my start of my romance with the ocean was Daytona Beach. I whispered to myself, “I want to live here”. Fifty years later that dream came true. The second was my first glimpse of the Last Supper mosaic at the Great Masterpiece in Lake Wales. All those tiny pieces of color and how they fit together to create art brought an explosion of desire: “I want to learn to do this.” I bought my first stained glass and began creating with it when I was in my late forties. This is the year I turned seventy – ten sevens- a big year! You are looking at the artistic result of my persistently lucky life."