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Eva Capulli

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“Carioca” is the nickname for people who were born in the
“Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro”. Eva Capulli is proud of this heritage, having lived there in the 1970s and 80s. The daughter of Italian immigrants, Eva received her degree in Marine Biology from University, St. Ursula. Her father was a scientist and inventor, passing along to his daughter such traits as curiosity and creativity, which show in everything she does. This explorer spirit compelled her to seek her Etruscan origins in Italy.


In the late 1980s she lived in the ancient and beautiful Italian city of Tarquinia, once a powerful Etruscan State City, today known as Tuscany. Her relatives, some archeologists and sculptors still live there to this day.


Eva created a space in Downtown Daytona Beach known as Etrusca Gallery. Here she exhibits her arts and clothing focused on renowned artists. Poet-composer and abstract art painter, Eva considers her work to be a reflection of a moment in her soul, often very colorful. She explains,


“Abstract art is not to be analyzed, but rather felt! What do you feel when you look at this work of art?”

Her art is always in mutation, like the phases of life. She paints to exchange energy with the Universe and for those who appreciate her art. The rest is just consequence…

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